Leads Generation - Basic Plan

Scope of Work

  • Trial Marketing LLC will build up a landing page for the client’s business.
  • We shall advertise the landing page on suitable channels and affiliate partners sites.
  • We shall be assigning a toll free number to the campaign , and the calls received will be forwarded to the client’s number.
  • Each of the call / email inquiry generated through the landing page will be considered as a ‘ Lead ‘ and will be charged according to the agreed rates.
  • Trial Marketing will save 30 days calls recording, this data will not be used for any other purpose but to validate the leads.
  • If the client is not satisfied with the quality of the lead and wants to mark that unqualified, we shall check the call’s recording and will credit the lead if required.

Payment Terms & Conditions

  • The client can subscribe the ” Basic Plan” through Paypal or Debit / Credit card.
  • There will not be any upfront payment deduction.
  • For the first payment we take a pre authorization of $ 250 for ” Leads Basic Plan”
  • Once we deliver the leads equivalent to this amount, an invoice will be issued to the client for payment.
  • The authorization will be valid for 40days in first month of the project, and then latter on for 30 days.
  • If the number of leads are less than the aggregate amount of $ 250, the client will be charged according to the number of leads produced.
  • Once the client has paid the invoices and the unbilled lead’s charges are less than $250, the payment authorization will be cancelled 5 days before the due date.
  • The subscriptions will remain active until the client cancels it. At the time of cancellation, the client is liable to pay for the un billed leads.

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