SEO - Basic Plan

Payment Terms & Conditions

  • The client can subscribe the ” Basic Plan” through Paypal or Debit / Credit card.
  • There will not be any upfront payment deduction.
  • The first payment will be deducted on 40th day from the date of subscription.
  • For the first payment we take a pre authorization of $ 300 for ” SEO Basic Plan”
  • After 30 days of the subscription during trial period, if the client is not getting expected results from SEO campaign, the plan can be cancelled with out paying any fee.
  • After trial period is over, the subscription will continue at same rate until cancelled by either party.
  • In SEO basic plan, Trial Marketing LLC  will build up a landing page for the client’s business and will optimize it for search engines rankings.
  • We shall add up a toll free number on the landing page, from that all incoming calls will be forward to the client’s phone.
  • Under SEO basic plan the landing page will be optimized for 6 keywords in a single search engine.
  • Monthly analytics and rankings reports will be shared each month.

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